Fatih Terim in front of Panathinaikos – PAOK: “I want to see a team that doesn’t give up and everybody will be proud”

A winning spirit and a team that will fight with all its forces on the field waits for the Super League players to see tomorrow (31.03.2024, 18:00) – PAOK for the 2nd Super League playoffs. Fatih Terim spoke to Cosmote TV’s special pregame about the big race between Panathinaikos and PAOK, stressing that he wants a team for which everyone at the club will be proud, while also referring to the way in which the entire technical price worked during the three-week break. “We know PAOK very well, as well as he knows us. This is a game that will be held on our own pitch, with fans on our side. First of all, we want to play a good game and win. PAOK is a very good team, but we also have our goals. As I said before the match with Olympiacos, there are 30 points available, now there are 27 available. We want to win both titles we claim. I want to see a team that doesn’t give up, who gives “fights” on the field and gives its best to make her friends happy. Everyone should be proud of Panathinaikos”. Regarding the regular tracks, on which he worked with his team during the days of the break, Panathinaikos’s coach pointed out: “The truth is that we didn’t have too many players at our disposal, but, with those we had, we made the right preparation. Besides, there was a big pause in the league, it’s the truth. We faced the club’s second team in a friendly coaching race. We must be very careful in player returns from the National teams, as there is a big gap. Due to the many absences, we tried to “regulate” the training in such a way in order to be efficient. As I pointed out, we had to be careful at this point in the season. Of course, it is not the easiest thing to maintain the pace of training where it must be with so many absences and having in mind the intensity we have to manage at this point. So we tried to look after the players and, at the same time, go through some things that need to be improved.”