Thessaloniki: A woman and 20 doctors charged with illegal prescriptions

The accused doctors work in the . Their investigation involves them in an illegal case that takes the path of justice… Numerous cases of illegal prescriptions by doctors active in Thessaloniki, revealed an investigation by the Department of Security of Thermi as part of an order for a preliminary examination by the Prosecutor of Primary Thessaloniki. For the case a criminal case was formed against 20 doctors of various disciplines, aged from 87 to 44 years old today, for a prescription by a doctor, for the administration of drugs knowingly that there is no real and specific indication, as well as 54 years of age for moral and physical insurgency in that offence. In particular, from 2012 to 2022, doctors made a total of 28 irregular prescriptions using the 54-year-old AMCA ex-wife, which resulted in the latter extracting, for its own use, a total of 106 drug packs.