Luca Dodsic put a basket in warm-up with Jumbotron’s help.

He’s shown how he can succeed in any way he wants! He scored with Jumbotron’s help before the Dallas Mavericks game with the Houston Rockets and left his teammates speechless. An old fast food chain ad had Michael Jordan and Larry Baird shoot—with the ball making a lot of shots, the hard shots they made—with a burger. Luca Dodsic showed us how he could – at least – participate. As all NBA “stars” tend to do, so Dodsic attempted to achieve a… special basket during his pre-season, before the Mavericks game at the Rockets headquarters. For… the infidel Thomas, the basket was recorded by the Dallas Mavericks camera. He don did it. IYKYK // — Dallas Mavericks (@dallasmavs) In the match, the 25-year-old ace had 47 points, 12 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 steals leading the Mavericks to a win in Houston with 125–107.