The words of St. Paisios for Christmas…

The heart is made Holy Manger, and the Holy Infant…
of Bethlehem to give you all the blessings Of
When the mind is on the divine meanings, lives the events of the man, and thus is altered”.
“Christ with great love and with great joy that produces in the souls of believers with all the holy feasts, resurrects true after you lift us up spiritually. As long as we participate and we feel like spiritual to celebrate spiritually; then the party spiritually and get drunk spiritually from the heavenly wine that bring us to the Saints and our treat.
The celebrations in order to live, we need to have our minds on holy days and not on the jobs we have to do for the holy days. Thinking about the events of each holy day and say the earth singing praises to God. So we’re celebrating with great reverence every feast.”
“To study and live the divine events all the time. When one studies the events of each feast, normally be moved, and with a particular reverence will pray. Then the Sequences of the mind in the events that we celebrate and with reverence to follow the verses that psalm. When the mind is on the divine meanings, lives the events of the man, and thus altered.
-Elder, after the Vigil of Christmas don’t we sleep?
-Christmas and get to sleep. My mother used to say: “Tonight only the Jews are sleeping”. You see, the night that Christ was born the princes slept deep, and the shepherds “αγραυλούσαν”. Guarding the sheep for the night by playing the flute. Do you understand? The shepherds where to lay awake they saw Christ.
How was Elder, the cave?
It was a cave within a rock and had a manger· there was nothing else. There you go no poor and let the animals. The Virgin mary with Joseph, because all the inns were full and they had nowhere to stay, ended up in this cave. There was the donkey and the βοϊδάκι, with the breath of them have warmed the Christ! “Ἔγνω βοῦς the κτησάμενον and ass the φάτνην of the lord,” is not telling the Prophet Isaiah that?
-In a hymn, Elder, says that the Virgin mary upon seeing the newborn Christ, “with joy ὁμοῦ and δακρύουσα” ἀναρωτιόταν:… “Ἐπιδώσω thee μαζόν, before the universes τρέφοντι, or sing in, as Υἱὸν and God? what εὕρω to thee προσηγορίαν you?”
-These are the mysteries of God, the very great condescension of God, which we can’t arrest you!
Elder, how will we be able to live the fact of Birth, namely, that Christ “this Day is born ec of the Virgin”to you?
-To live these divine facts, the mind is on the divine meanings. Then alter the person. “A great and strange miracle it is finished this day”, we sing. If the mind is there, in the “strange”, then you will live and the great mystery of the Nativity of Christ.
I wish your heart to be Holy Manger, and the Holy Infant of Bethlehem to give all the blessings.
From the book: “On prayer,” Elder Paisios of mount athos, Reasons F”