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The shocking photo of the bombed-out Aleppo

A picture of…
from Aleppo do the cycle in the larger media world and reveals the tragedy of living of the civilian population. The injured woman with the agony that was painted on the face of it shows that the last survivors of the Χαλεπιού, the second largest city of Syria, they are drawn into “a true hell”.
Bodies in the streets, ruthless bombings, atrocities…
The agreement provides for the removal of civilians and rebels from Aleppo “suspended” after the objections of the syrian government, told AFP an official of the rebels and a source adjacent to Damascus.
According to the rebels, the syrian regime and its allies, especially the Iranians, “imposed new terms” in the agreement, while the source adjacent to Damascus, stressed that the scheme expressed disagreement with the increased number of people who would drift away from Aleppo.
As stated by an official of the rebels, and a UN official, Iran wants along with the departure from Aleppo to be done and the removal of the wounded from the σιιτικά syriac villages of Fua and Κεφράγια besieging the rebels.
Yes, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights spoke about the fierce battles in Aleppo, as it appears that the agreement for a cease-fire goes into rut.
The Islamic State has unleashed attack on Palmyra in retaliation for the successful advance of the syrian army in Aleppo, said the Bashar al-Assad in an interview with television network RT.
In the last few months, Aleppo has become a theater of severe conflict between government forces and certain organisations of the opposition and extremist groups on the other. In the last three weeks, the syrian army and militia have released over 98% of eastern Aleppo.
The syrian president accused the western countries that are indifferent to the slaughter of civilians by jihadists in Aleppo, and to the attacks of the CAPACITY in Palmyra as well as the only thing they care about is the advance of government forces.
In addition, as he complained, the West is trying to stop the operation of the syrian army against the Islamic State calling on Russia to exert pressure on Damascus.
Monday the Palmyra it was captured by jihadists of IKE, who repulsed the syrian army, and they forced him to a reconstruction of the air base Τίγιας T4, dozens of miles west of Palmyra.
The LP had originally taken the city in the spring of 2015 before it is expelled from the syrian government troops with support from air Russian fighter in March 2016. Since then the jihadists have tried many times to recapture the Palmyra with a peak wide business towards the end of last week.
In early December, the leaders of Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Canada and the USA urged Russia and Iran to exert influence on the syrian authorities to the situation in Aleppo.

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