“The Psychocorres” – next episodes: They’re setting fire to the cabin, not knowing Froso’s inside.

“ The series based on real facts and true testimonies comes on Wednesday, April 3, at 21:00, with two new episodes. The shocking stories of Marika, Basilica, Frosseau and Mademoiselle shed light on the “forbidden” institution of psychocorrespondents and encapsulate the television audience. Directed by Michalis Charalambides, original script Penis Vasiltakis and Vangelis Nasis, and with an all-star cast, the “Psychokores” constitute the representation of a violent institution, but also the realistic revival of an entire era of historical changes, and hope. What we’ll see on Wednesday, April 3, 2024. Episode 9 Olga is in danger of an incessant hemorrhage and Her Ladyship sends Mademoiselle to call Soto to save her. At the factory Cosmas tries to manage the labor accident, with the workers and the union facing him. Tasos is absent from Nella’s side when she wakes up after a love night with him. Paul continues to spy on the Basilica and Maya clashs with her father and son for her. Albina’s doctors don’t help Frosoe and Melius runs to get a doctor. Elijah and Evanthia together with Father Eustratio set fire to Albina’s hut for exorcism, but without knowing that Froso is inside alone… Episode 10 Frosso wakes up after the fire at Natsi’s house and Evanthia informs her that Thomas is missing. A gendarme comes in for questioning and Louis blames Frosoe for Thomas’ murder. Cosmas tries to buy the silence of the victims’ families to avoid political and economic costs and Nella speaks heartlessly to Olga requiring the rest of the girls to reveal to her who the baby’s father is. The Basilica continues her lessons and Paul learns her story. Psychocorres (alphabetically) : Margaret Alexiadis, Menia Voulioti, Marianna Kimouli, Anna Luizidis. They are starring (alphabetically) : Alexander Antonopoulos, Marina Aslanoglou, Nectaria Giannoudaki, Pygmalion Dadakaridis, Christos Malakis, Dimitra Matsukas, Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos, Giulika Skafida. Script : Penny Bailontakis, Vangelis Nasis. Directed by Michael Charalambides. Director : Chrysa Daponte. Director of Photography : Giannis Fotou, Vassilis Clotsotira. Montage : Stella Filipopoulou, Stavros Spanos. Music : Stamatis Stamatakis. Concept : Giannis Exedaris. Artistic Address : Froso Rallis. Ext. Producers : Peace Souganidou, Froso Ralli. Production/ Production: Feelgood Productions. See all the episodes of the shocking story of “Psychokoron” at ANT1+.