Patra: 13-year-old died after fighting cancer

Sadness spread the news of the death of 13-year-old Panayiotis who in Patras, after the brave battle he fought for 3 years, with . The young Panayiotis Angelopoulos fought his own battle with cancer from which he was finally “won”. The child was hospitalized for days at the Pediatric Clinic of the University Hospital in . The 13-year-old eventually died leaving his last breath today (02.04.2024). The child’s condition had deteriorated in recent months with the treating physicians of the Aglaia Kyriak Pedoncology Department giving him only a few days of life. Panayiotis, however, struggled to hold on to life and “consisted” longer than they gave him. He lived through the separation of his parents at an early age and was a prop for his mother. Panayiotis lovingly embraced the brother who obtained from his mother’s marriage to her new husband, who looked after him as his own child. But with love he also framed his other two brothers from his father’s marriage, who also did not miss a moment on his son’s side. Panayiotis lived with much love and care that his parents, grandmothers and grandparents generously offered him. His parents sought a healing solution in every corner of the earth until his last moment. Throughout his adventure he had next to him the great family of the “Flogas”, as well as the doctor of the Venus Ginopoulou Association, who offered him all possible care at home as well as in the PGI. Notable is the care that provided him with the staff of the University Pediatric Clinic led by Professor Gabriel Dimitriou. His exodus will be held tomorrow at Agia Paraskevi Platanovrosis Achaia. The time had not been known until yesterday.