The Procession Of the Crucifix in the Church of the Holy Trinity Nafplio [ohotos]

The church of the Holy Trinity Nafplio, in a solemn atmosphere, the Priest of the temple… p. Constantine Σέρρος saying, “this day κρεμάται on wood”, ramble touched the Crucifix, holy Thursday 28 April 2016. T
the ceremony attending every year too many people. In the sequence of holy Thursday, was presided over by the Archimandrite Spyridon Πετεινάτος from Kefalonia and the priest ii. Ioannis Papaioannou. The sequence followed and the head of the Major opposition of the Municipality of Nafplio Christos Grammatikopoulos. The good Friday brings us before the Passion of our Lord.
Christ suffered, crucified and dies, to lead us to salvation, freedom from wear and the sin that pervades our existence and give us Life. In the Beatitudes, we chant after the exit of the Crucified, we read features: Εσταυρώθης di me fiber me πηγάσης the forgiveness.
Εκεντήθης side, fiber taps life αναβλύσης me . The apology of the Cross, and the spurt of life through the Passion, they make us realize that true freedom is not without means sacrifice.