The implementation of programmes of a social benefit in favour of beneficiaries is accelerating.

In speeding up the implementation of the benefits, social security goes ahead. By amendment tabled to the House by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, which was discussed today Wednesday, March 6, the subpar. ND.1. para. XIV Article 1 n. 4152/2013 is amended. The amendment concerns the public benefit projects of the IPP concerning the employment of unemployed persons either directly in municipalities and regions or in NPTs and NPTs supervised by them, or in other public services and in NPPs and NPTs supervised by ministries. “With the proposed amendment,” said the Minister of Labour and Social Security, Domna Michailidou, “we extend the possibility of financing the programmes from resources of the competent or competent Ministry. This provides greater flexibility and improves the proper and immediate implementation of the public benefit programmes’. The current law provides that, for the implementation of the programmes, the IMIPA may be subsidised by resources from the national and co-financed part of the Public Investment Programme (P. D.E.) or the regular budget of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. That is, even if a program is designed for a supervised body of another ministry, its funding comes from resources of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. This restrictive provision in force causes delays and prevents the proper implementation of the programmes at the end of the period of validity of the beneficiaries.

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