Visit to Odessa: Karé – frame Russian attack with ballistic missile near the Greek mission

News about the explosion that occurred near the Greek mission in the Prime Minister are coming to light. The explosion that triggered an alarm and came from a Russian ballistic missile took place in the first minutes that Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis arrived in Odessa. As broadcast by ERT’s envoy to Ukraine Georgia Skitzi the attack occurred over 200 meters from where the Greek mission was located. “The suspense and tension were great at the time however they moved quickly and followed all security protocols. We quickly boarded the vehicles in order to be in motion.” Describing the first minutes of the attack the journalist said: “At his tour of Odessa port suddenly there were explosions and a loud crash. Then we learned it was the explosion of the ballistic missile. It was a very difficult time. She quickly rushed the whole shipment to her cars in order to continue to the next station. As we’ve been told at times like this, it’s better to be on the move than to be on a steady spot. The next station was Odessa’s command post. The explosion was too loud. We followed all the protocols and moved away from the point.” The attack was described by the Prime Minister himself at the press conference he granted at the end of his visit: “We were at the port of Odessa and President Zelensky and his staff gave us a tour, explaining on the one hand the importance of the port for Ukraine’s exports and on the other hand showing us the significant damage that this critical infrastructure has suffered when we heard some sirens. And soon after, as we got into our cars, we heard a big explosion. I think this for us is the best, most vivid reminder that this is a real war. Every day there is war, which not only affects the front, the soldiers, it affects our innocent fellow citizens. It affects, as you can see here. Cultural monuments of enormous value are destroyed. And I think that is one more reason why all European leaders should come to Ukraine. Because it is one thing to see, to hear the description from the media or from President Zelenski whom we communicate regularly and it is completely different to experience the first-hand experience of war.”

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