The duo George Lanthimos – Emma Stone draws towards glory with the new film “Kinds of Kintiness”

Without breath they continue their creative heat with news, Emma Stone. The duo of success and Oscars, George Lanthimos and Emma Stone, are working again with the film “Kinds of Kindness” which is expected to premiere in cinemas in the summer, Variety reports. Although the script currently remains a sealed secret “Kinds of Kindness” is a vertebrate film that reunites Stone with its co-stars in “Poor Things”, Willem Dafoe and Margaret Qualey as well as actor Joe ‘Alwin from the “Honey”. The cast is complemented among others by Jesse Plemons, Hong Chow and Hunter Schaeffer. The script of the film, which was originally titled “And” and was filmed in late 2022 in New Orleans, is signed by the Greek creator and Euthime Philip, with whom he collaborated in the films “Astakos”, “The Death of the Holy Elaf”, “Alpes” and “Kynoding”. “Kinds of Kindness” is the fifth collaboration of Stone and George Lanthimos, after “Poor Things”, which gave the famous actress the second Oscar A′ Women’s Role a few days ago. The film “Kinds of Kindness” whose distribution is undertaken by Searchlight, is expected to premiere in the halls on June 21.