Kamala Harris: At the abortion clinic in Minnesota on the first similar visit of president or vice president of the United States

This is the first time a president or vice president of the United States has visited such a clinic. U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris is visiting a Minnesota clinic where abortions are being made, as has become known by the White House. According to the American media, this is the first time the country’s vice president has visited such a clinic. Harris has begun since January a nationwide tour dedicated to defending the right to abortion. This issue is expected to be at the heart of the Democratic campaign for the November presidential election. Never in the past president or vice president of the United States has visited a clinic where voluntary pregnancy holidays take place. Harris is expected to highlight the effects of the “extreme bans” that many conservative States apply after the Supreme Court, in June 2022, allowed each of them to adopt their own abortion laws. About 20 States prohibit or have set very strict conditions for ending pregnancy. Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for the presidential election, has stated “proud” that contributed to the overthrow of the 1973 abortion decision. Harris is expected to use this 77-year-old tycoon statement against him. Abortion remains a very sensitive issue in the US, although polls show that the majority of Americans are now in favour of this right. Democrats hope they will benefit from this trend, as they did in the mid-term elections of 2022.