The city’s inhabitants buy… oil-heating – 0.80 € a litre

Returning to the… heating oil, the city’s inhabitants – as… looks from items – choose this year to spend the winter.
From 2010 to 2014, the price of heating oil had taken… over, and the demand for… down.
This year, things seem to have changed radically, as so far there is an increase of 40% in demand of oil.
“This year things are much better. The price of heating oil has decreased too much with the result that more and more of our city’s inhabitants to return to heating oil”, he pointed out speaking at the cretapost, the president of the Βενζινοπωλών Heraklion, Lycurgus Σαμόλης noting that two years ago the price of heating oil had climbed in the eur 1.30/litre, while this year it costs 0,79-0,80 eur/liter.
An increase in the quantity of
It is noteworthy – as reported by the mr Σαμόλης – that the increase of 40% is observed in this period that even the weather conditions are good.
This means that the demand for heating oil is expected to increase sharply once you get into the winter.
In fact, the increase has been observed and the quantity of the the sea most orders.
“This year we have orders from homes, businesses and apartment buildings. Something that last year didn’t meet so intensely while has increased and the quantity of the orders. Where last year the Village was thrifty, and purchased 200 liters now, they put up a ton”, he underlined, inter alia, mr. Σαμόλης.