The church that looks like a giant…chicken

Is located hidden in the jungle of Indonesia and all enchanted when the πρωτοαντικρίζουν, because in addition to chilling the particular church looks like a huge chicken.
The creator, Daniel Αλάμσαχ, saying that he saw a vision that inspired him to create the church’s chicken. The building opened its doors in the early 1990’s where the top floor could go and προσευχηθούνάνθρωποι of any religion.
Then the building was abandoned, due to cost, and now it is a place that attracts mostly young people who indulge in immoral acts. The semi-finished rooms in the basement are still intact, giving an even greater sense of a horror film.
Let it be noted for the eccentric creator of this particular building is neither a church , nor chicken, but only a place of prayer.
See the photo here: