How to “liven up” their profile pictures in Facebook

The popular social network, Facebook, had announced before… that soon, users will have the ability to add via their mobile as a central image, a short animated video, a GIF.
Now this upgrade is available to more and more users. You can refer to the implementation of Facebook on your mobile and, logically, most will have displayed the ability to “take a new profile video”. Otherwise, there will be an update which will notifies you that very soon you will have a choice of “profile – video”.
All you have to do is to create your own animated video – duration up to 7 seconds through the mobile app of Facebook and then add it as a profile picture.
The changes for the last update also include the ability to change the photo on your profile temporarily (e.g. for the period of christmas holidays), and with the help of a timer to keep it for as long as you wish.
See the video here: