The baby who was born without a brain celebrates Christmas

Jackson Μπούελς is one of the most famous babies in the world, with the… history of hosted in all the international Media. She was born without a significant portion of his brain and the doctors gave him a minimum of time.
Contradicting everyone, the little Jackson did it, and last August completed a year of life, while it is now 16 months and celebrates Christmas. The picture of him next to santa Claus doing the round the world and touches everyone.
His father posted the screenshot, is an image full of love, in his profile on facebook, writing: “in The 15 months that is in our life, Jackson’s learning to talk, to walk, to smile, and gives us promises that one day he will leave and the only machine that helps him now and will do it all by himself”.
The baby suffers from a rare genetic disease that prevented normal growth of the skull and brain. If you and the doctors they encourage to go for an abortion, telling them that the boy had almost zero chance of survival, the determined parents chose to keep the kid, wanting to do “everything in their power” to him.