The 45-year-old paleo-Christian will move legally against the structure that hosted his son – The 15-year-old is wanted

‘ If anything happens to my child, accountable will be the structure and the state,” says the 45-year-old paleo-Christian, who lived with his family in a burrows in , as on Sunday night (10.03.2024) he “scapped it” from the mental health structure where it is hosted. It all began last night, when the 15-year-old son of the paleo-Christian from the burrows in the mountainous Corinthia had an appointment with his father near the George Karaiskakis stadium in Piraeus. There, the 15-year-old went accompanied by a social worker of the structure, however a little time later he disappeared and so far has not returned to the structure. “I saw my son, we hugged, sat down, went to the bathroom and then the kid suddenly left. I’m stunned, I’m looking too. My kid could be in danger. The police and the bodies must be mobilized,” says Manolis Kalaidzidakis in news, stressing that with Andreas Theodoropoulos’ lawyer “we will move legally against the structure. I’m trying to get my problems done.” After the above development, the social worker of the structure who accompanied the minor to the date with his father was arrested, while the police officers were searching for the whereabouts of the minor. For his part, the lawyer of the family, Mr Andreas Theodoropoulos, speaking at, reports among others that: “We will lodge an appeal against the psychiatric structure of Piraeus which by a prosecutor’s order his minor child was admitted to it and custody was exercised solely by the structure. It is not possible to escape the woman, who had the protection of the minor, the 15-year-old child going out of Karaiskaki’s stadium and cannot be spotted by anyone from last night at 9 o’clock.” In fact, as Mr Theodoropoulos points out, “this family should acquire custody of children rather than be at risk to the non-existent structures which are protected for minors.”