The 10 services sectors with the highest turnover increase in 2023

16 of the 23 Service Cycle Indicators were recorded at the end of 2023 compared to 2022, according to the Greek Statistical Authority (ELSTAT). The biggest increase was the turnover of computer programming and consulting with 28.1%. Second in the series came the information services industry with a 22.3% increase, while the provision of protection and research followed immediately with 15.9%. 15.8% increased the turnover index of advertising and market research and by 15.3% the corresponding index of management advice. In addition, the turnover of land transport and pipeline transport increased by 13.8%, as did administrative office activities, secretarial support and other business support activities by 10.1%. Finally, increased turnover was also shown in air transport by 9.0%, accommodation services by 7.7% and employment activities by 7.5%. Computer programming, consultancy and related activities 28.1 Information services activities: 22.3% Protection and research activities: 15.9% Advertising and market research: 15.8% Management consultancy activities; 15.3% Land transport and pipeline transport: 13.8% Office administrative activities, secretarial support and other business support activities: 10.1% Air transport; 9.0% Accommodation Services: 7.7% Employment activities: 7.5%