Gregory Arnautoglou renewed with ANT1: In the plans and travel shows

A positive development as expected had his and the presenter’s contacts, since the TV station officially announces the renewal of their collaboration, but also a wider presence of the presenter in the channel program. So officially ANT1 “with great pleasure, announces the renewal of his collaboration with Gregory Arnautoglou. Gregory Arnautoglou, with his significant experience and professionalism, will continue his successful course on ANT1. The charismatic presenter will again be at the wheel of the favorite television programs of the station ‘ Who wants to become a millionaire? “The 2Night Show”. Gregory Arnautoglou, with his timeless talent, will also sign a new travel project of ANT1, again leaving his own unique imprint on the entertainment of Greek television.” As I mentioned in previous reports ANT1 had a powerful… weapon in his negotiation, the game show “Who wants to become a millionaire”, which the presenter himself had proposed the management of the station to fit it into his schedule, proving that he was right about the… pressures he was putting on. So after the successful course of the game show, it would be… unfair to leave it to someone else, when “Arnie” has justifiably detached for this role very positive reviews and comments. However, on the other hand, the television station enables it to restore another favorite television project, that of the travel show, such as that of the “Beautiful World. ” According to my valid information, however, unofficial contacts have been made between presenter and MEGA executives to use the same title on ANT1 but with no result so far.