Thanasis Patras: We were all shocked, our thoughts are with Dimitris Kokotas

‘ It seemed that something was wrong in rehearsals, in bad condition Trajana Ananias,” said . Intubated in the ICU remains Dimitris Kokotas, after having had a heart attack and heart attack in the rehearsals of J2US. Thanasis Patras spoke today (30.03.2024) on the show “I Love You Ku”, stressing that everyone in the show is shocked and their thoughts are to the well-known singer. “I did not see Dimitris before, I had only seen Trajana who was dressed and waited. Something seemed to be wrong. The symptoms clearly indicated that it was a heart attack. They were all on top of him, everyone did their best. Thursday is generally a nice day for J2US, we’re all more relaxed, but it didn’t turn out that way. We were all shocked,” Thanasis Patras originally said. Thanasis Patras then said: “Traiana was very bad. Everyone’s thoughts are with Dimitris”.