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    (Title) Bangladesh has declared this Sunday, June 13 Day Protection Sexual Harassment, following an alarming number of girls and women who commit suicide to avoid sexual banter.
    Data received by human rights organization, Ain-O-Shalish Kendra (ASK) show that 14 girls and women remove their own lives in the last four months in the country as a result of harassment.
    In addition, a suicide father with his daughter, also attributed by authorities to harassment. They estimate that three men who publicly protested against harassment have been killed in the last 12 weeks.
    Organizations believe that laws against sexual harassment is so poorly written that the victims can be helped by appeals to the law.
    “Some victims were on suicide as the only outlet that allows them to escape from social pandemic,” said Sultana Kamal, executive director of ASK.
    “The situation is very frightening. Suicides 14 girls are a worrying sign of the times. If unchecked, we women will not be able now to live in society with dignity. “

    The 13 year old Pinky Nasfia Akant, which has caused uproar in the country was the student of the school one kilometer from the house. On the way to school, followed by 22chrono neighbors and friends, who, according to her family, insisted on “obscene comments, vulgar jokes, vulgar laughter, whistling slyly and even obscene revelations”.
    When we decided to raise the stature and raise the voice of the children became more aggressive and hit the person.
    A few days later, mentally tortured by these events and unable to tolerate these attacks, but hung in mufflers in the living room.
    “When I pulled the scarf and psychologically harassed in front of the house, the audience laughed. Nobody complained. None of the members of my family is not responsible for my suicide, “said the note left by Pinky.

    Police in Bangladesh said that case and others like them are a cause for” great concern “.
    The Minister of Education, Nouroul Nachint Islam, said that students and teachers are not safe on the roads or schools.
    ” This is not hyperbole. In some places, schools are closed or delayed due to exams such problems. Those who accept teasing do not want to go to school and sometimes the guardians do not allow for their own safety and honor, “said Nachint.
    ” Another negative manifestation of the problem is the tendency of parents to push their underage daughters into early marriage to escape from such teasing. Parents believe that if their daughter has a wife, will be saved from the dangers, “said himself, adding:” It has become a vicious circle “.
    Such harassment called” Eve teasing “(Eve teasing ) in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

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