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(Title) «Young people seeking work as an assistant cleaner for glass houses, flats, shops, companies.
undertaken and interiors. Preferred areas of the northern suburbs. “Your preference for” Sunflower is a guarantee of quality and commitment to continuous development and improvement of services we provide ».
Although not advertised is already known to the public, and a count 14 stores. Five in Athens, one in Leros, Thessaloniki, Katerini, Chios, Amfissa, Kefalonia, Patra, Chania, Corfu, one in the 5th Division of the Northern suburbs of Attica, while make-up are several others.
The opportunity for psychosocial rehabilitation of people experiencing mental health problems provides an innovative institution of Social Partnership Limited (Koi.SPE). They are a legal entity, limited liability of their members and were established in the mental reform of the law 2716/99. aimed at the socio-economic integration and the integration of persons with serious mental health problems, contributing to their treatment and to the extent possible their economic self-sufficiency.

«Choosing group treatment “Sunflower” become accomplices in the rehabilitation of people with mental disorders and employers in a lifetime investment, “says Stelios Stylianides, associate professor of psychiatry at Panteion, vice president at WAPR, national representative for the WHO’s mental health.” A key part of rehabilitation the work. Through the work and the person can formulate a solid and independent social identity, supporting and upgrading the quality of life, self-esteem, and ultimately the very meaning of life. The person who suffers from a mental disorder , addresses the “gap” year, the lack of social network, the monotony of the withdrawal. “Social entrepreneurship” is to open new horizons and opportunities for the socially excluded. Comprising economic activities undertaken by companies, organizations, cooperatives, self-help groups clubs and associations, the aim is to provide services to their members or society, rather the pursuit of profit.
The institutional framework allows the creation of a protected but real work environment. In short, they give priority to individuals and work towards the capital when the distribution of profits. And we all know that through work, the mentally ill and socially excluded acquires social relations and epanadrastiriopoieitai order to “catches me again the thread of life from where I left it” as is clamoring for families these people ».
To accomplish this, the social co-operatives have a commercial property and therefore are able to develop any economic activity in the primary, secondary and tertiary sector and the seven-member Board of Directors of each Partnership among professionals involved and two mental health services, which form equally with other members of the business plan.

«The” Sunflower “was equipped to take on work and new hope for its members,” adds Stelios Stylianides . ‘The first objective is cleaning the exterior. With the tools in collaboration with professional cleaners, seeks the assistance of your start. Our will is the systematic, adequate training of workers and the systematic psychosocial support. The competitiveness in prices seems to be the innovation must be embraced as a community. Selecting the team cleaning “Sunflower” become accomplices in the rehabilitation of these individuals and employers in a lifetime investment. Contact Centre (Day stopped – 210-8100901 – St . 16 John-Bee, Central Command ceased – 2106141350 – Lines 61-63 – Maroussi) and give yourself and the job offer in Koi.SPE a resounding “this” in difficult times ».

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