Tembis: Free 2 other ERGOSE accused persons for contract 717 guaranteed EUR 1.7 million

Two more defendants on the ERGOSE side were released after their apologies to the Greek European Christina Salappa for the 717 concerning the signalling and telemanagement of the railway network, which is being examined after the accident in Tempi. In particular, with the agreement of the interrogator and the prosecutor, they were released after the explanations for contract 717, with the condition that an 800,000 euro guarantee and 900,000 euros were paid, and the restrictive condition of the exit ban was imposed on them. So far a total of 5 defendants who are subject to guarantees have been apologized for this serious case amounting to EUR 3,500,000. They still have to apologize. 21 defendants on the part of ERGOSE, the Consortium that had undertaken the execution of the contested contract and the Hellenic Managing Authority of the Operational Programme for Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development.