Constantine Christophorus: I said to break up EMU and the kids were mad and upset.

‘ The other children did not try to change my mind” he confesses. In the decision to dissolve EMU several years ago, Constantine Christoforou was mentioned when he and the other members of the band in Studio 4 with Nancy Zabetoglou and Thanasis. Reader at ERT. “You said at some point, do we break it up?” asked the presenter to answer Constantine Christophorus as follows. “No, no. I did this. I said I couldn’t anymore. I had reached a point where I had strong disagreements with George (ed. Theophanous) and I think that I could not manage this whole thing with everyone at the time and there was personal ambition. “To be honest. However, personal ambition was not the main reason. I started not being able to handle this whole thing.” “In this mood the other children did not try to change my mind. They were angry and upset. Argyris didn’t always talk much and then it was a mistake that he didn’t talk to me, because I heard him more than anyone because of his experience in the field. If he talked to me, it might have been different. Panos was very pissed at me, as was Philip. When I also want to get away, I walk away and get lost. Not out of cowardice, but I can’t handle my word. I can’t talk, I block and this is happening to any relationship I have,” added the singer.