Taxes: When paid – How many payments and what order of payments

Provisions clarifying the landscape around their mandatory payment times, the number of payments and in which order should the citizens be made, contains the new Ministry of Finance bill. Thus, tax administration organizes tax payments, seeking to put an end to past malfunctions and delays. Specifically: 1. The tax shall be paid at the time provided for in the law imposing the corresponding taxation to which the Code applies. 2. In the event of a correct or estimated determination of tax, the tax due shall be paid within thirty days of notification of the act determining the tax to the taxpayer. The above does not apply in the case of a taxable person. In the event of an intermediate determination of the tax, the tax due shall be paid within three days of notification of the corresponding act determining the tax. 3. In the event of a final decision of an administrative court, the tax due shall be paid in two equal monthly instalments. The first instalment shall be paid by the last public service worker day of the following month after notification to the taxpayer of the tax clearance operation resulting from the operative part of the decision and the second instalment by the last working day of the following month. This applies also to the payment of the tax under a Mutual Settlement Decision. The order for repayment of debts With regard to the order for repayment of taxes, it is stipulated that the payment in question must be made on the amount paid, interest due and fined due to late payment. In particular, payments of funds in respect of VAT debt resulting from a VAT declaration or a corresponding VAT declaration submitted to another Member State shall repay the taxpayer’s liability in the following order: the initial amount of the tax, interest on tax, collection costs, tax-related fines. If the above VAT debts are paid within the framework of any regulation, the payments of funds shall repay the taxpayer’s obligation in accordance with the first subparagraph. The Tax Administration may allocate any payment to any tax due: if the taxpayer does not indicate at the time of payment what specific tax or tax period the payment relates to, or if the recovery was carried out in accordance with Article 47, i.e. a forced execution scheme.