Eleni Menegaki says “good morning” with selfie in her bed

After selfie with her son, Angel and she in her bathroom, today (02.04.2024) Eleni Menegakis decided to say in this way her good morning to her millions followers. Most of the time, the famous presenter uses her instagram to upload photos from her show or some promotions. But in the last few days he’s decided to upload more personal photos. After the selfie with the pajamas, today, Eleni Menegaki posted a picture while she has not yet been up from her bed. And that was the… Challenge: getting out of bed today or not? Amakiyaristis and wearing a short-sleeved dark shirt, Eleni Menegakis wrote on the caption: “… is it the time that you think I should get up or stay in bed a little longer? (thinks made two hours ago)”. View this post on Instagram Of course, the question was… rhetorical, likes and comments, however, fell “water”!