Tax debts: In consultation provisions for the maintenance and revival of debt arrangements

Additional technical provisions on the draft law on the reform of the Tax Procedure Code of the Ministry of National Economy and Finance ( ) which is in public consultation by 8 April. The provisions concern the conditions for the maintenance and revival of the debt arrangements with a view to making them more lenient and fairer, in accordance with the announcement of the Subsidiary. More specifically, it is possible to revive arrangements that had been practically lost to tax administration by repaying late payments, however much, until the law entered into force. If part of the above payments have already been paid, then taxpayers are sufficient to repay the remaining amount in order to revive the arrangement. It is noted that in order to avoid the loss of these arrangements, the tax administration will prioritise the credit in instalments of these amounts resulting from tax refunds or withholdings due to the issuance of evidence of information. In addition, it is noted that this revival does not concern arrangements that have been lost by act of the Chief of Staff. In addition, the draft law streamlines rules on the loss of arrangements. Today, the failure to submit the planned income and VAT declarations or the delay in submitting them even for one day results in the loss of arrangements for other debts. The same applies to any new outstanding debts which, if created for even one day, result in a loss of regulation. The provisions which have been consulted allow the payment of the above and the adjustment of debts not included in the arrangement within 3 months in order to avoid the loss of the arrangement. In more detail, with the new system taxpayers will be able to maintain their debt arrangements if: They have made these declarations within 3 months of the expiry of their deadline for submission. If the deadline has expired until 31 December 2023, they may submit 5 months later, i.e. until 31 May 2024. They have repaid or settled their new debts within 3 months of the expiry of their payment deadline.