SYRIZA: Astacockaravas, Tempi and Kontoni complaints – Action plan for the term Kasselakis

The government’s disengagement from the Tempes case, which costs it more and more daily, see its officials behind the government’s insistence on targeting it for its business activities. As SYRIZA officials point out, the attack against the leader of the main opposition is preposterously constructed, since Stefanos Kasselakis from the first moment had said he had professional activities in America and apparently did not create them after he came to Greece. At the same time, they point out that the leader of the main opposition will testify at the planned time the original Property Statement (IFRS) and then the Ponte Heche on the basis of the deadlines law. “After it was made clear that the president of SYRIZA had no obligation to testify from time to time – despite government lies – and after the nationwide has realized that his companies are normal companies taxed in America, and not offshore now he started the new story about the astacocaravas saying “. According to information, however, the President of SYRIZA already transferred his shares as due. Meanwhile, today there will be a major event in terms of accuracy and taxation, and on Thursday for the European programme of Syriza in view of the European elections. On Wednesday, he will meet the Executive Office in order to have proper planning for the party’s course in the coming period, as Friday will be presented to Sparta’s camp to serve its term. Also, in April and May, four regional conferences are expected to be held, while the deadline for showing the interest of candidates for the European elections will be set on 17 March. The qualifiers will have been made by mid-April, and will be carried out per constituency. Grinia about the complaints Kontoni regarding complaints Kontonis about “comsystems” in the Novartis case, as part of an interview with “Evening”, sources of Syriza pointed out that they do not owe answers to the former minister who is no longer a member of Syriza. There are, however, questions as he accepted and wanted to be nominated with Syriza in 2019, and even toured with Alexis Tsipras in Zakynthos and then joined the main opposition party’s ballot in person, while later he seems to have had all these objections and objections. The same people even said that after the 2019 election he resigned and from time to time he appeared and said about various issues either the criminal codes which he himself voted for, or about Novartis who went out with Mr. Papagelopoulos that night, and said about the biggest scandal from the recommendation of the Greek state.