ND lights the blue torch and sends a message to right-wing voters – The strategy on the way to the European elections

With an old slogan, “every victory starts in Thessaloniki”, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis opened yesterday in the Presidential procedures for the 15th , which will take place on April 5th to 7th. A conference to which N.D. is invited to give the present session. to send a message of unity and rallying, and it will have a festive character, as the N.D. will celebrate at the same time the 50th anniversary of the restoration of the Republic in Greece with the 50th anniversary of the founding of the party by Constantine Karamanlis, in one place, Zappeion, where he signed his signature for the accession of Greece to the European Union. With the look to the right of the South Thessaloniki’s choice to hold the pre-session was not accidental. Beyond symbolic value, he also serves the targeting of the N.D. to rally the right-wing voters of Northern Greece who, as polling depicts, look to the right, towards the Greek Solution of Kyriakos Velopoulos and Dimitris Natsios’ Victory. The Prime Minister spoke of “parties” that… “see European elections as a magnifying glass for their standing”. “It is what hides their anti-Europeanism under supposedly, beware, patriotic slogans. And as Samuel Johnson also said, “fake patriotism is the last refuge of the imposter” Mr Mitsotakis pointed out. The… blue torch At the same time, the Prime Minister wanted to address the feeling and the incense of the right-wing voters, as some officials appreciated, with his choice of the party’s signal in the face of the Conference – milestone for the European elections, to be the flame of the blue torch, which for years was the emblem of the N.D. “A special emblem will accompany us from now on. Dedicated to our anniversary, marked by the glorious title of the New Republic, the number 50 of its golden Jubilee and at the top the flame of the blue torch, which burns in our hearts lighting tomorrow” said Mr. Mitsotakis. “No” in the loose vote At the same time, Mr. Mitsotakis, addressing right-wing voters, warned about a “frontal confrontation” with political opponents “with backgrounds European, but national content” and sent a message against the “soft” vote. “On the morning of June 9 it all starts from the beginning. The counter is zero… The polls of the European elections are not offered for inaction: because questioning the political scene can shake conquests that are now considered for granted, limiting the momentum of the place forward” he stressed. The stakes of the European elections From the capital, Kyriakos Mitsotakis placed the stakes that N.D. will propose on the road to the political battle of June 6. “It is a double-significant confrontation as, on the one hand, it will judge whether the country will continue to have political stability, whether it will stay in the path of change. And if he will finally achieve the goals with a horizon in 2027” he said. “On the other hand, these European polls will highlight the political power the Greek voters want to represent them in Europe. Who is the party that believes in its values over time. But what will most effectively claim the interests of the country on the difficult fronts of Brussels. In other words, which party will be tested and able to strengthen the national voice outside our borders,” the Prime Minister said. “Front” attack on Kasselakis and Tsipras The Prime Minister attacked the current and previous leadership of Syriza “frontal”. In particular, he accused Koumoundourou that for micro-party reasons she is dragging the country abroad, and this on the occasion of the resolution – “a shame”, as he described it, in the European Parliament on the State of Law in Greece, with which Mr Mitsotakis said, “seeking even the interruption of European funding to Greece”. “They referred to the State of Law… when Mr. Tsipras first confesses it was wrong to target his opponents with the Novartis scheme. Like trying to control information with the staged channel competition” Mr Mitsotakis stressed that “for these scandals the Special Court has condemned two of its ministers.” He was targeted by the new President of SYRIZA Stefanos Kasselakis and his companies abroad, which under law brought by the government of Tsipras, is expressly forbidden to hold a political party leader. “As it turns out, in Syriza they made a law against Mitsotakis, but eventually he cornered Kasselakis. For months Mr. Kasselakis has been asked if he has companies. And how does he answer? Saying he’ll ask his lawyers! However, in the meantime, these companies lend their party” he said, adding that “one such party neither the moral advantage nor the State of Law can make its flags”. “PASOK’s cool red” At the same time, the Prime Minister attempted to highlight the expansion of PASOK with Syriza for domination in the progressive space and the conquest of second place on the political scene. Thus, on the occasion of the “no” of the two parties in the Non-State Universities bill, he charged Nikos Androulakis with confusing his MPs who knew PASOK… “green, but now they see it as a reded one.” The goal of the N.D. in the upcoming European elections is to maintain its political sovereignty in the political scene, with a percentage that will not be less than that of the 2019 European elections, when it received 33.12%.