Suzuki Swift: The fourth generation available in Greece with a price of 18.450 € and 5 years warranty!

The fourth generation of iconic hatchback is now reality and is in our country! The brand new SWIFT has evolved into an even more refined and dynamic compact car, with modern design elements, advanced security features and excellent fun-to-drive character, which redefines the data of daily movement. SWIFT was always one of the most popular fun-to-drive and full hatchbacks styles, having won numerous awards since the model’s first world appearance in 2004 until today. He has also deleted a highly successful course in the Greek market as one of the top and most popular hybrid cars, winning the hearts of drivers looking for a flexible and reliable car. The unique design, advanced technology and impressive economy make it one of the best-selling compact hatchbacks in Greece. Its brand new model is based on the legacy of its predecessors, offering a driving experience that is not only pleasant, but gives priority to comfort, efficiency and safety. SWIFT has been released in 169 countries making total sales of over 9 million by February 2024. External Appearance The new SWIFT exudes confidence and adventurous character with redesigned mask in black color and characteristic L-shaped light bodies, harmoniously bonding with rounded wings lines. The robust side lines, combined with the fluid lines of the roof give the new SWIFT an impressive style that stands out. The dynamic and fun character of the model is even more emphasized by the three-dimensional rear lights and the wide rear bumper. External Colors The range of colors of the new SWIFT consists of 9 monochrome options and 4 dicolors, including new impressive colors such as Frontier Blue Pearl Metallic and Cool Yellow Metallic. The new Frontier Blue Pearl Metallic as well as the impressive Burning Red Pearl Metallic, features intense, lively and characteristic tone, and symbolizes Suzuki’s new generation of colors. These two options consist of triple paint coating, offering rich texture and high quality shades. Internal Design The new SWIFT has a comfortable and spacious cabin, with refined and ergonomic design, offering the ultimate driving experience. The new SWIFT driving position is designed to offer not only excellent ergonomics, but a riveting experience for the driver, with the controls being positioned, ensuring easy use. The instruments of the corresponding table are legible and seamless visibility is an ally of the driver in the traffic of the city. The elegant dichromate in black and light gray on the surfaces of the dashboard and the lining of the front doors, combined with the details in satin coating and dark silver color, enhance the dynamic and sporty appearance of the interior. Upgraded safety systems of the new SWIFT A distance radar and a camera are used in combination to detect vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians in front of the vehicle and help avoid frontal, diagonal and lateral collisions. When a collision risk is detected, sound and visual warnings are triggered. If the driver does not brake adequately, braking assistance shall be automatically activated to help slow down the vehicle. In increased impact probability, the system activates the brakes automatically to help reduce impact force and limit material damage. New Suzuki SWIFT: Already available with price from 18.450€ The brand new SWIFT is already available in our country for pre-order on the official dealer network. The value of the GL version is 18.450 euros, with equipment including among other LED lights, 6 airbags, 4 electric windows, adaptive cruise control, 9-inch Infotainment screen, parking sensors back, rear camera, hill hold, a large-scale automatic switch system and a full package of help/comfort/security systems. The GL+ version costs 19,530 euros and GLX 21,250 euros (manual editions). SWIFT with drive on all four wheels costs 20,600 euros (GL), while with the CVT 21,330 euros (GL+) gearbox. 5 years guarantee Like the existing SWIFT, the new one is accompanied by the following guarantees: – 5 years a guarantee of good operation (or 100,000 km for mechanical / electrical parts) – 12 years for bodywork – 5 years free road assistance