Marina Patouli: Salos with the teased photos he posted on social media

She left her followers speechless after her post in the teased photos which depict one “other”. On Saturday (30.03.2024) Marina Patouli shared 3 photos on her personal Instagram account visibly tampered with. The photos caused a wave of reactions from users who realized it was a photoshop product with many filters. It was a waste in the post comments since Marina Patoulis looks decades younger and does not recall anything about her appearance. Apparently, she didn’t make a fool of the time or those who saw her photos yesterday. View this post on Instagram View this post on Instagram Her followers “scared” to recognize her. She, in fact, in one photo changed the description wanting to answer the comments she received under one of three posts. View this post on Instagram “I didn’t pretend. Pretending is vulgar. I live, speak and express myself as I feel without calculating the cost… The greatest conquest is the conquest of our personal freedom and expression beyond stereotypes and social conventions…”, wrote Marina Patoulis.