Students of the ARISTOTLE university of thessaloniki connecting the works of writers of Thessaloniki on Wikipedia

The students of the ARISTOTLE university of thessaloniki write entries on Wikipedia, the writers of Thessaloniki and connect their works with places of historical and cultural interest of the city by pasting QR codes.
The Yedi Kule, the Metropolis (ex Ρούζβλετ), the Experimental School of ARISTOTLE university of thessaloniki, Chrysostom of Smyrna, the mathematics and physics ARISTOTLE university of thessaloniki, the Arch Arezzo, Katouni and many other parts of the city that are mentioned in novels and poems and related to the life of poets and writers of Thessaloniki, compose a literary walk, which connects the cultural with the urban fabric.
The Lab λημματογράφησης Wikipedia will be held on Friday 11 December 2015 and hours of 9.30 to 16.00, in the Scientific Reading room of the Central Library of the ARISTOTLE university of thessaloniki.
Will be created and will be processed lemmas writers of Thessaloniki and will be linked references to areas and landmarks with the work of the following writers, where Thessaloniki has a strong presence:
1. Manolis Anagnostakis
2. George Ioannou
3. Tolis Καζαντζής
4. Life Karellis
5. Maria Center-Αγαθοπούλου
6. Cleitus, Cyrus
7. Nikos Μπακόλας
8. Nikos Gabriel Πεντζίκης
9. Pericles Σφυρίδης
10. Dinos Christianopoulos
The reports will be incorporated into interactive maps that will be freely accessible on the internet, while it will be attempted, at least in some parts of the city the paste QR codes.
The action is only the beginning of a great effort all the time. Already has expressed interest from Departments of foreign languages and φιλολογιών AUTH to translate this collective work.
The project is being implemented and is supported by more than 100 students, 6 volunteer teachers, and the project implementation team of the Central Library & Information centre of the ARISTOTLE university of thessaloniki.
Specifically, are voluntarily participating professors of the ARISTOTLE university of thessaloniki:
-Lambros Varelas, Assistant Professor, Department Of Literature,
-Cosette Δημητρούλια, If. Professor, Department of French Language and Literature
-Tasos Kaplanis, Assistant Professor, Department Of Philology
-Dimitris Κόκορης, Assistant Professor, Department of Pedagogy and Philosophy
-Michael Bakogiannis, Assistant Professor, Department Of Philology
-Salvation Σταυρακοπούλου, If. Professor, Department Of Philology
The peculiarity of this action consists in the use of original scientific research by Teachers, such as literary references to the city of Thessaloniki, with the simultaneous voluntary participation of students. The placing of the material is for free use, via Wikipedia.
The action takes place in the context of the Student Week of the ARISTOTLE university of thessaloniki and of the thesswiki organized by the Municipality of Thessaloniki, in collaboration with the CDC/LAC and the Greek Community of Users of Wikipedia.
The Map of Thessaloniki with the city where it takes place in the work of the authors: http://bit.ly/1YTmQ9W (link) and attached a photo, in jpeg format.