Does your child spell yet? See what you need to do

If he’s reading the wrong words without understand, don’t you think that just…
“don’t take the letters”. An expert can diagnose δυσαναγνωσία. The timely intervention will effectively deal with this learning difficulty.
What is the δυσαναγνωσία it?
Is the category of learning difficulties and relates to the difficulty of the reading ability and the oral performance of those who have read. When a child has symptoms in cases of reading disorders:
• Splutter when he reads.
• Loses the order of the text, ignoring punctuation, not following the correct punctuation.
• Reads the wrong words, without realising it.
• Presents difficulties, especially in the ligatures in accordance (e.x. -f, -cf, -j).
• Finds it difficult to read πολυσύλλαβες words.
• Takes a very long time in reading.
• Replace words with others that have the same or relative importance (reading tree, instead of wood, black instead of dark, a servant instead of slave).
• Adds extra sounds or syllables in a word reads e.x. κοκυλα instead of a doll.
• Finally, have difficulty in understanding the text, why is it trying to read it correctly.
It can also co-exist: adhd, he finds it difficult to start and complete a task, be careless, be clumsy, be forgetful of the things and obligations.
What to do:
Make sure that she knows all the letters
If a child hasn’t learned all the letters could not be read. In case that confuses letters or knows learn letters from the beginning with visual and audio cues.
Read books with the child
It will help to improve their reading skills and will happily spend together. You will also learn to color his voice, if you will paint your own voice. Help lot of texts with dialogues or with roles that change depending on your voice.
Give it time
If it crashes or reads wrong, give it some time to fix it.
Help to understand the text
Check if he understood the content of the text, making the questions about what you read.
Reward the
Rewarding and highlighting any improvement in reading boost their self-confidence.
Contact certainly at a Centre for Special Education
If your child has the above difficulties with an expert will make the correct diagnosis and intervene with a special education program established in accordance with the particular problems of the child. The δυσαναγνωσία is manageable as long as the diagnosis to be made in a timely manner. Early diagnosis of such learning problems can improve the child’s performance and the image he has for himself.