Stoltenberg (NATO): “We need more money, we need fresh money” for Ukraine

‘ We need more money, we need fresh money and we need it for many years” for, said his secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg at the State Department meeting today. Stoltenberg wants to convince the 32 NATO states to launch a 100 billion-euro aid package for Ukraine. This money is intended to give President Volodmir Zelenski’s Ukrainian government greater security of planning for its defence against Russia. The situation on the front is “a provocation,” Stoltenberg said Wednesday at the meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels. Russia’s president Vladimir Putin achieves marginal profits with great commitment and estimates that Ukraine’s supporters will eventually exhaust their patience. The head of the transatlantic defence alliance therefore called for “more reliable and long-term” support for Kiev. Stoltenberg proposed a “strong NATO framework with financial commitments”. He didn’t comment on the details. According to diplomats, the proposal concerns 100 billion euros for five years. The money will be used to deliver weapons and financial aid.