Stefanos Kasselakis: I am ready to become the next Prime Minister of Greece

His president, was at noon on Sunday (31/3/24) a guest on the show of Natalia German, Alpha and spoke of the European elections coming, the days spent in the army, his marriage and his new home. Speaking of the election process coming and the discussions that his proposal for supervision has caused, SYRIZA President Stefanos Kasselakis said: “There must be a lot of control in the election right now”. And he explained: “We know that elements of voters abroad have been leaked. How do we know they haven’t leaked evidence and internal election? It is not given the indisputable.” On cooperation with PASOK he said: “I dare go to double elections. Syriza will be renewed. We have created a movement in society. That’s why they’re trying to disintegrate me.” “We have to get back to work. SYRIZA has changed, society has changed.” “I am ready to be Greece’s next prime minister”. As for his expectations for the European elections, he said: “We should show that we have stood up, we have been renewed. The goal is the big twist, not the second place… I believe society will reward us.” His service in the army and equipment expenses For his service in the army said: “I came to our country because I became leader of the main opposition. I’m proud. I proudly wore the coat of arms. Let them respect the outcasts”… On the occasion of his military service he said: “We cannot afford to have less defence spending. We are in a geopolitical situation that requires readiness. The cheapest defense is prevention. To have a better starting point in our equipment. I certainly don’t think it’s appropriate to send equipment we’ve paid for to Ukraine. We can help in other ways.” “You can’t even buy your shavers with $8.60 that soldiers get”. “I was telling them stop the plural. I participated every day in the entire program. It was a very warm climate and opportunity for me to associate with people who have stopped dreaming. I was doing chores, yes, kitchens, lanzas, of course…. ” “I would like soldiers paid at least 150 euros a month. To be able to pay their shavers”. “With Alexis Tsipras we are better than ever” Asked about his relations with Alexis Tsipras, Stefanos Kasselakis said: “We have communication. He sent me wishes. We also took him from the phone camp and he was happy. We’re better than ever. He is a man who was ruthlessly struck by the propaganda of the Mitsotakis system. Alexis has made major cuts with society. Alexis can’t have a consultant for his institute”? His marriage to Tyler, the new house and the chase with the cameras “Preparations progress. It will take place in Crete,” Stefanos Kasselakis said about his marriage to Tyler. “We are both tired of what is said when we walk. But when you have grandmothers and grandparents crying on you, if that means we’ll have less privacy… We’re original, there’s no mechanism to control us. Can we bring a result to the world? That’s what’s important. And then the cameras are loose.” “The house must be furnished, renovated two things, in two months we will enter,” Stefanos Kasselakis said. “SYRIZA will remain independent but will grow up,” said Nikos Androulakis closing his interview.