Danny Alves: Who paid bail for Brazilian release

He was temporarily released from the Barcelona prisons in which he was held, as he was paid the one million euros required by an unknown person. Danny Alves on Monday (25/3/24) was temporarily released from Barcelona’s Brians 2 prison, as the sum of one million euros set as a guarantee was paid. In fact, several were wondering who the man who gave the money was so that the 40 – year – old veteran footballer could be released even temporarily, with the answer given a few days later. Specifically as broadcast by the Brazilian Media, a magazine from the Latin American country was what helped Alves regain his freedom, however his name is not known. In fact in exchange Alves will give an interview in which he will talk about his life, with former Barcelona player, Juventus, Paris Saint Germen accepting without second thought. For the record Danny Alves has been found guilty to first degree by the Barcelona Court, for a 4.5-year prison, as he had committed sexual assault on a 23-year-old woman in December 2022 at a city nightclub. In fact, the 40 – year – old veteran leader of National Brazil was already 14 months in prison, as of January 2023.