Stefanos Kasselakis continues to question the incessantness of the elections: SYRIZA holds up the Tempon issue

He escalates his confrontation with the government, as in an interview, he directly questioned the incessant elections in the country. The leader of the main opposition not only did not get back what he had originally said about placing international observers in the European elections but also took a step further by stressing that the elections are not for granted. “There must be great control over the elections right now,” SYRIZA president Stefanos Kasselakis said in an interview, adding that: “We know that elements of voters abroad have been leaked. How do we know they haven’t leaked evidence and internal election? In SYRIZA they consider that at this time the government is in a particularly difficult position, as the issues of accuracy and the great issue of Tempes have brought a strong blow to the credibility of the ruling party, which makes it more vulnerable to the citizens’ crisis. The aim of the President of SYRIZA is to politically exploit the history of Anna Michel Asimakopoulou and the leak of personal data by putting the seed of questioning for the intentions of the ruling party regarding the June polls. It is typical that, unlike Harilau Trikoupi, who appears to state that there is no issue of violating the incessant election, the leader of the main opposition not only insists but attempts to highlight the issue further by exposing the government even more. “I dare go to double elections” In this context, however, the leader of the main opposition appeared confident to ask alongside the European elections in national polls. “I challenge to go to double elections,” Stefanos Kasselakis said and added: “SYRIZA will be renewed. SYRIZA alone. Even the soldiers in the camp have created a movement in society. That’s why they’re trying to disintegrate me.” Of particular interest, however, was how he handled the matter of Alexis Tsipras, since on the one hand he wanted to draw a red line from the past, but on the other hand to keep that part of Alexis Tsipras that has an impact on society. “We need to get weighed again,” Stefanos Kasselakis said and added: “SYRIZA has changed, society has changed too”. At the same time talking about Alexis Tsipras insisted that their relationship is better than ever. “We have communication. He sent me wishes. We also took him from the phone camp and he was happy. We’re better than ever. He is a man who was ruthlessly struck by the propaganda of the Mitsotakis system. Alexis has made large cuts with society,” he said. “I believe society will reward us” The leader of the main opposition appeared ready to be “the next Prime Minister of Greece”, while pointing out that “the goal is the big twist, not the second place added … I believe society will reward us.” Regarding his military service, Stefanos Kasselakis said that: “I came to our country because I became leader of the main opposition. I’m proud. I proudly wore the coat of arms”, while also responding to what Kyriakos Mitsotakis said about his military service in the House saying that… “it offends homogeneity and those who want to serve the country.” They are studying the next moves on the Tempes Meanwhile the main opposition officials have decided to keep the Tempes issue up in the news not only at the level of statements. Already the partners of the president of SYRIZA are studying the next moves they will make, since the two-day proposal for a preliminary investigation is not accepted by the government. At the same time Stefanos Kasselakis will start touring from his homeland, as for him he is the big bet of the next election contest. And that’s because SYRIZA in the last national election lost a large piece of voters who had headed for the NW and PASOK. Still in the following days the remaining names of the candidates for the qualifying election due on April 14th are expected to be announced. Among the first 150 candidates were announced are Nicolas Farantouris, George Tsipras, Dora Aggeri, Olympia Telijoridou, basketball player Nikos Pappas, Olympic champion Sophia Bekatorou, psychiatrist Dimitris Papadimitriadis, Evangelos Antonaros, actor Marios Athanasiou, journalist Dora Tsambazi.