Milia Chania: The village without electricity that is a life experience

Traveling to the Greek region, you will surely meet places, cities and villages you may not have known in the past but eventually impress you so much that you never forget them. Beyond their natural beauty and history, some villages also stand out for their special characteristics. One such case is the village of Milia in Crete which has no power. To be precise, it has the least possible current. I mean, as much as the visitor needs. Traveling there is undoubtedly a life experience as you live unprecedented moments away from ordinary everyday life. There you will be transferred in a way in the past enjoying comforts in a completely different way, more traditional. In fact Milia Chania is a relatively new village which has been created satisfying mainly tourist purposes. There are twelve beautiful and traditional houses that have walls rocks. They are buildings that have been devastated in the past and have now been restored. The way this has been done is completely traditional and characteristic is respect for the environment and harmony with nature. .