Ste: Validates the “identification” of the olives “Kalamon” with the olives “Kalamata”

The Council of State ( ) considered the decision of the former Minister of Rural Development, Dimitris Georgantas, under which the registration of varieties of the plant variety “Kalamon” was approved as a synonym for the old name “. It is recalled that in relation to this issue an appeal had been made by the Association for the Mediterranean Olive Products PDO (SYMEPO), the Region of Peloponnese and municipalities of Messinia. The Messinian olive trees contested the above ministerial decision, appreciating that the name “Kalamon” after identifying the name “Kalamata”, hits the PDO olive Elia Kalamata. Detailedly, according to a statement from the S.E., a legal decision by the Minister for Rural Development and Food on the inclusion on the Variety Register as a synonym for the name of the plant variety “KALAMON/KALAMON” of the long-term widely used old name “KALAMATA”. The year 1996 was not affected. P. “Olia Kalamata”, “olive de Kalamata”. Therefore, the special provision of Article 42 of Regulation No 1151/2012, which lays down the conditions for the authorisation of co-existence prior to the registration of P.O.P. plant variety name and P.O.P., is applicable in order to achieve a fair balance on the one hand of the rights and freedoms of all companies in the food sector that produce common, non-P.P.D. products, on the other hand, producers of P.O.P. products, so as not to extend beyond the necessary measure the protection of P.O.P. products against common products derived from the same plant variety.