Innocent truck driver for deadly pedestrian drifting by leaving near Veria

He was unanimously found innocent driver of a truck who sat on the stand of the Thessaloniki Mixed Orkotian Court, accused of killing and abandoning a 30-year-old pedestrian, in November 2019, on the Egnatia Highway, near . Announcing the jury’s verdict on the drift in Veria, the presiding judge of the court reported that there was no co-discipline of the driver and therefore declared him innocent. Police had been informed by a passing driver who saw the victim lying on the side of the road. He was taken to the hospital in Beroea with severe injuries to the body and head, but after nearly three months of hospitalization he succumbed. The truck driver was identified by highway security cameras and what seems to have “crossed him” was the broken lantern in the vehicle he was driving. He was advised to stand trial for a fatal exposure and abandonment of a car accident from which death occurred, while he was subject to restrictive conditions following his apology to an investigator. “There was a noise, like a metal object from the truck and I proceeded to stop after the exit of Beroia. I saw that the right flash was broken, we didn’t see any trace indicating a human body or an animal. If I knew I hit a man, I’d stop right there. There was no way I was leaving. He could have been my kid in this situation. I am a 30-year professional driver and have not received a single call,” the driver said in his apology.