Stathis Schizas for Alexandra Panagiotariou: The best gift she’s ever given herself

What he confessed about his former companion, Alexandra Panagiotaros. The decision of his former companion, Alexandra Panagiotaros to proceed to an egg freeze and the doros caused for her financial rewards was commented by Stathis Schizas on the camera of Alpha’s Super Katerina show. “It’s really nice what it does. I think, since I’ve read it already, it’s the best gift she’s ever given herself as any woman. Because once science gives us that right, it’s good to happen because you never know. You may not be in a position to have a child, to have been through the years and to have more difficulty so it is a very big gift” the Survivor winner initially stressed. “She became a nuisance about how she pays her travels. While you were together, did she bother with this matter? Because she receives enough offensive comments” the broadcast reporter commented to respond to the Survivor winner as follows. “Bad for me receives offensive comments and anyone who travels It’s nobody’s job to judge that every man is ruining his accrued money. Alexandra wants to make trips, which I know, as I know she worked a lot. And together when we were, I know he’s a dog at work.” “Independent of Alexandra, however, I also heard about Athena Economakos and about various people. Tomorrow the day after tomorrow I might hear about myself. It’s not stolen money, it’s worked, so everyone can mess it up the way they want. Another wants them in clothes, another wants them on trips, another wants them in cars and another wants to make them a bundle” said Stathis Schizas on Katerina New. .