Memos Begnis: I called and made a fuss because he wrote what I had said

‘ This is very rare to happen,” explains, however, Fotis Sergoulopoulos and Jenny Melitas, on Wednesday morning (06.03.2024), Memos Begnis where he spoke among others about what has personally disturbed him in earlier interviews he has given to date. “I rarely regret what I say in interviews when I am in a confessional mood. Many times the journalist can be a friend and open up a little bit more, say some things that might slip away from you and say that now because I said it and I didn’t have to say it” the charming protagonist first confessed. “Because you may feel as a friend someone across the street, you may forget there is a tape recorder. I don’t remember what I say in interviews. I’ve just seen things written after I’ve been very annoyed.” “In a magazine I had said something because we were friends and not to write it. I thought, ‘Why not protect me?’ I called after and made a fuss but this is very rare to happen,” Memos Begnis also stressed in his new television interview.