Stamatis Fasoulis confesses: This is the reason why he never had a family

When Stamatis Fasoulis was 6 years old, his family moved to Athens from Salamis, where he was born. I don’t remember a lot of the time, only that the …
his classmates laughed at his last name. Adapted easily. He speaks with nostalgia for the past. How is the relationship of the actor with time? “You can’t resist at the time. You’re being ridiculous. The time is very strong. The only thing you can do is to take advantage of the few new things that you offer. Fuck me the experience! Could I have the momentum and the hope I had when I was 20 years old? Even if you don’t have any experience. The momentum, the creation, the hope that it will change the world, they go” he confesses.
Of course, he remains highly creative. “From fear! To fill my hours and there is no gap, where you will be able to think of. There are a lot of the things that fascinates me in life, at the same time hurt me unimaginably. Maybe I was an adult, only calendar. For this I made sure not to have a family and don’t have a kid. For I am the child of the house. I guess something like that happened, but I don’t think I did it deliberately” notes.
How easy it is to share your life with a man, when you’re an artist? “It is a gift to share your life. He wants dedication, time and psychic space. I think I’m giving it to you. Of course, I’m making compromises. When I go in my house, it drops an automatic lever, and there is no theatre. I’m only with people who love you and there is something else. I’ll take this” comments.
Cooking is a favorite daily habit. “There’s not a day that I haven’t cooked. I really like the Italian kitchen, especially the flavors of southern Italy. I make amazing “pasta of the terrace”. I called it that because it put everything,what kind of spice is there on my porch and it becomes sublime. I have oregano, thyme, bay leaf, λεμονοθύμαρο, mint, rosemary, mint and basil”.