UNBELIEVABLE: The christmas tree that survived the bombing and storms

Every Christmas here, and 95 years…
coming out of the boxes, adorned and placed in a prominent place in the house of the family of Aston in Britain. The little christmas tree has managed, as writes in.gr, be spared from the bombs of Hitler and from deadly storms.
The artificial fir tree dating back to the 1920’s and has been decorated by two generations, making it no longer a family heirloom.
“It’s a great piece of history and I’m so happy to have it,” says the 61χρονη Kay Ashton. “It is shocking that the tree has stayed the same for about 100 years, when everything around us have changed so much”.
The tree was purchased, in accordance with the in.gr grandma Kay, Elizabeth Naylor in 1920, the year that gave birth to the first son. The child died at the age of 19 years old and from then on the tree each year is decorated in his memory.
This family heirloom has survived bombings, floods, and deadly storms, and still adorns the house of the family every Christmas.

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