Some stand by the woman every day

Many will say that Woman’s Day is not just one day a year. And they’ll be right. Even more will say that since the woman’s day is not only once a year, we should also prove it in practice. And they’ll be right. And there are those who will believe that the woman’s day is not only once a year but every day and that it must be proved, daily, in practice. And they will do something about it. They’ll do the talking, so act… The message of the power they prove every day, timelessly, women are always timely. They fight small and large, personal and collective battles. Because that’s how it is, when everyone else backs up, they step in front and lead. Let’s face it: World Women’s Day is a good reason to remember what they have achieved with their struggles. Not only for their rights, which they also won with labor and blood and in some corners of the world are still missing, but mostly with the struggles they fight daily. This year, the message for Women’s Day is even more powerful. And loud. It is #InspireInclusion and sends the message of supporting diversity, equality and inclusion but also creating an environment without prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination, where every woman can stand out and achieve her goals. Among those who want to do the words act, who work so that Woman’s Day is… every day, it’s doValue. After all, steady value at the heart of her philosophy is to ensure the needs of women. That’s why he takes initiatives for women not only one day, on 8 March, but all month. After all, doValue Greece every day of the year stands in practice and firmly on the side of women, who fight their own personal battle. “Dive to Woman”, in the Aretaeus hospital and remains next to the scientific work of the Obstetric Gynaecological Clinic and the Association of Friends of the clinic. This is a programme which is constantly evolving and adapted to the needs of patients, with the aim of providing them with a series of supportive holistic perception services. Through its valuable, for women patients with cancer, it is a relaxed place of hospitality for women with cancer and their families, in which they find support, well-being and calm as well as advice from qualified staff in order to adopt new habits that can improve their everyday life. In simple matters, such as changes in their diet, but also in more complex, such as managing their pain. The importance of the holistic approach to patients has been documented since antiquity and Hippocrates, reaching the most modern scientific studies to date. The hospital’s gynecological clinic is hospitalized by more than 200 women a year, from all over Greece. In the period 2022-2023 where the pilot program of the Pampering room was implemented, 50 women who were treated with gynecological cancers made use of the program. Patients had holistic support and care, with personalized programs. Since early September 2023, the Programme of the Pampering Room has been operated on a daily basis, for all female patients of the gynecological clinic and the oncology department of the clinic. In the oncology department, there are 20 chemotherapys a day, while the department supports about 50 patients. In the immediate footage of the Association “Besides the Woman” is the provision of the services of the Pampering Room and other categories of oncology patients, other than gynecological cancer, covering the needs of every woman facing cancer, with specialized services of long-term medical and psychosocial support, in collaboration with the Athens School of Medicine. “The program “Besides the Woman” recognises in practice the holistic shielding of patients’ health. The contribution of doValue Greece, through the Association of Friends of the Clinic, is valuable in order to become a reality and now to be a scientific model, the first structure of supportive medicine in Greece” points out Professor Nikos Vlahos, Director of the Second Obstetric Gynaecological Clinic of the Artheion Hospital. The President of the Association, Mrs. Popi Kalaitzi, who designed and documented the program scientifically said that “for the first time in Greece such a structure of holistic support of patients was created in a specially designed space. It is a new example and we are glad that both the Ministry of Health and the Medical School have embraced it. Our aim is to expand the presence of the program by using the scientific knowledge and experience we have since its operation at Aretaeus. We try to be “by the woman” every time she needs it. In this context we are also implementing information and awareness programmes, and we are focusing particularly on the importance of lifestyle as a factor in preventing and tackling important health issues.” The aim of doValue Greece is every Corporate Social Responsibility action it implements, to have a direct and substantial response as well as to actively support the needs of society with focused initiatives, which are a constant priority of its administration and its CEO, Tasos Panousis. Remaining, in this context, next to every woman supporting the valuable work of the Aretean Hospital and the Association of Friends, so that in their struggle, they find the support they need and cope with their difficult trials. It is noted that in addition to the program of supportive medicine doValue Greece has provided – through the Association – modern surgical equipment, with the aim of increasing the number of interventions in the clinic and reducing the patient’s relative waiting. For doValue Greece, the important and universal values of respect, care, optimism and responsibility are key components of its own philosophy, also composing its “core”. Focusing on the axes: Society – Environment – Health, the “Life Values” programme is a set of targeted actions, aiming at well-being with a particular sensitivity to vulnerable groups, innovation in health, sustainability and assistance to local communities.