Stavros Zalmas and Katerina Kakosaiou tonight at Gregory Arnaoutoglou

The favorite actor and talented singer Katerina Kakosaiou are tonight’s guests on the show “The 2Night Show” presented by Gregory Arnautoglou. Tonight, Monday, March 11th, at 24:00 a guest of Gregory Arnautoglu on his set “The 2Night Show” is Stavros Zalmas. The favorite actor remembers important moments of his career and explains why he did not warmly serve the image of “Jeune Premier”. Did he pay for his business choices? Why wouldn’t he leave a bad partnership? Why hasn’t he ever played in a comedy? He wanted to present the Millionaire? Stavros Zalmas then talks about a difficult phase of his life, unjustly branded by the media and expresses the indignation he felt for some journalists. Finally, he talks enthusiastically about “Love Fleece”, where he is also starring, and his professional plans after the end of the series. In tonight’s company “The 2Night Show”, Gregory Arnautoglou also welcomes Katerina! Katerina Cacosaion or Katerina of Plutarch? Just “Katerina” states, and is ready to conquer the Greek pentagram. The talented singer talks about her degree in Biology, which she left aside, about her close relationship with her brothers, about her mom, who has always been “a rock” for the whole family, but also about Giannis Plutarch, who besides a good child is also the best dad. Why in school did her brother, George Cacosios, have more weakness for her, not her? How much did her learning difficulties cost her? Why is John Plutarch observing her? How did he get into the Grammy Awards? How did he get a tuba at the American concert? Finally, Katerina talks about her collaboration with her father in “A Rise” and her dreams about the future. “The 2Night Show”: Every Monday and Tuesday at 24:00 and every Wednesday at 23:45 at ANT1.