Skrekas: New e-katanalotis is coming by the end of the month – Tomorrow the prices of supermarkets for the Cart of Lent

The new platform of e-katanalotis will be on the “air” in the following days until the end of the month, announced by Minister of Development and Investment, Mr., in a radio interview, while by tomorrow night (13.3.2024) they will have to declare prices for products in the Lent Cart. The new e-katanalotis according to Mr Skreka will be an upgrade of the old platform, and will enable consumers to directly control and compare the prices of products on the shelves of the supermarkets near them, but also to create their own personal consumer basket so that they can move on to the markets based on their interests. The platform will be accessible from both mobile and computer. In addition, the Minister announced that a new format is coming for the form of complaints already in operation in the last month and a half. Complaints of infringements such as false bids, misleading information on labels, unsuitable for consumption, etc. Complaints shall be forwarded for consideration to the IDC and the General Secretariat of Trade. The Cart of Lent At the same time Mr Skrekas also mentioned the Cart of Lent, for which he said that supermarket chains are obliged to declare prices for the products in question (sea, calva, ointments etc.) until tomorrow night. The Cart will last for 40 days, i.e. until the end of fasting. The minister explained that he is not expected to pay directly to product prices, but to the next period. He stressed the need for prices to be compared to last year and also to 2019, the year before the war in Ukraine and the inflationary crisis. However, he pointed out that the ministry’s goal is to make prices affordable for consumers and not necessarily cheaper than previous years. This is because, as he explained, since the Cart will include less “seasonal” products, such as olive oil, it would be impossible not to burden this year’s basket, as the price of the litre on the producer last year was 4 euros and this year 9 euros.