Kate Middleton: Salos after Photogate and new conspiracy theories

She doesn’t say to cut off the saliva caused for the photoshop in her with her children, the first official photo after her surgery, with the conspiracy theories raging. With the photo for Mother’s Day released the Kensington palace intended to show that Kate Middleton is well in her health and recovers after the abdominal surgery in which she was subjected in January 2024 and which led to her “disappearance” for several months. The only profane he managed with the saliva that broke out when it was found that the image was “pirified”, was to rekindle conspiracy theories about the real condition of the princess’ health. Nor did the conscription of her honesty and admit that that “processed” saved the situation. The “kill notice” from international agencies was extensively commented by the international press and caused many to talk about the Palace and about “social Waterloo”. Photo source: Reuters The issue has caused great damage to the royal family, as the public now “questions whether Kate’s health updates are reliable or false” according to royal experts. However, one of the palace’s connoisseurs told Telegraph that the princess feels “horrible” about the corrupted image and just tried to make the photo as “best as possible”. A friend of Kate’s also said that the princess of Wales is “disturbed” by the storm caused by a “innocent family photo”, according to . Conspiracy theories have literally taken fire with social media users posting entire videos attempting to prove that photography is more tampered with. One theory wants Vogue’s cover to have been used with Kate Middleton since 2016 and a second wants to have been used to photograph the princess of Wales since November 2023. The first theory for Vogue cover was developed by the social media worker of Daily Mirror, Ruby Naldrett. my analysis of the Kate Middleton photo saga is that they took her face from the vogue cover she did years ago and edited it in — Ruby Naldrett (@rubynaldrettt) “My analysis of Kate Middleton’s photo show is that they took her face off the cover she made for Vogue several years ago and “put it” in last Sunday’s photo,” she wrote. The second theory developed by TikToker, Allin Ashton, which argues that Kate Middleton’s image came from a photograph taken in November 2023 in the appearance of William’s wife at a charity event. “I know as everyone knows the photo was processed but I did research and I believe the photo was taken in November 2023. He’s wearing the same sweater from Rice, I believe. See the line of her neck and the rest of the evidence,” Ashton said about her theory. Still deep in the Kate Middleton rabbit hole… now convinced that this picture was taken on November 2023 thanks to this TikTok — L (@lmxstn) He analyzed the metadata (metadata) of the photo in question and as he found the file was saved twice on an Apple Mac after processing: The first time was at 9:54 on Friday night and the second at 9:39 on Saturday morning. It remains unclear whether the storage of the two files was done in the same device as well as by whom they were made even though Middleton admitted that “I experimented with processing”. The same metadata show, finally, that the photo was immortalized with a Canon 5D mark IV camera that costs £2,930 with a Canon 50mm lens worth £1.630. Mouths hermetically closed in the palace The palace stubbornly refuses, despite the saliva, to release the authentic photograph on which the photoshop took place, which in itself sparked further discussion. Even famous British supporters of the royal family like well-known presenter Pierce Morgan rushed to ask for the publicity of the photo. “Rather than douse the flames of gossip, it’s inflamed them, it’s becoming the gasoline.” Piers Morgan promises that Kensington Palace releases the Princess of Wales’ unedited photograph, to end wild specification. The controversy overshadowed yesterday’s Coronation Day Mass at Westminster Abbey, whose first leading Queen Camilla was accompanied by Prince Willam in his absence while undergoing treatment for cancer. Information: Skynews, DailyPost, Mirror, Dailymail