Shocking rolling in Chalkida: Driver drifted motorcycle – “I make my cross that I am here”

Haro with his eyes was seen by a motorcycle driver who was lured by a car driver in , as shown in a video that saw the light of publicity today Tuesday (2.4.24). A black car hit and threw down the road the motorcycle driver, leaving him helpless on Aliveriou Street in Chalcis. It’s been two weeks and still the car driver hasn’t been found yet. “I make my cross here with my children and my wife,” the complainant Vangelis Friend told Live News. “I thought he’d take me over, at that time I say ‘Vangeli you’re done’,” he said. “Nine o’clock in the evening I was going to go up and pick up my wife from physical therapy. From Zoe came Peugeot 206 black, hit me frontal”, he commented. The black vehicle remains for two seconds at the point. Mr. Vangelis is hurt right next to him. The car driver steps on the gas and starts running. “I sit and say some leg, some hand I miss for sure,” said Mr. Friend. Security cameras have “bumped” the black vehicle running at a dizzying speed to escape. “After an hour and a half started hurting my whole body, my neck and knee hurt, I went to hospital in Chalkida,” said Mr. Friend. OPKE men spent a few minutes later from the site and saw the unfortunate man fallen in the middle of the road. He told them what happened and started combing the area for 20 minutes, but without result. “When I came home it was the first time I cried because I saw my children and my wife again,” commented Mr. Friend, appealing, if anyone has seen this car, to address the authorities.