Nikola Milutinov returned to Olympiacos practice after 2.5 months

Nikola Milutinov returned to Olympiacos training after 2.5 months of absence, with the “reds” making known the event with a beautiful video. Nikola Milutinov after 2.5 difficult months returned to Olympiacos’ regular coaching program, with the Serbian athlete leaving behind the serious injury he was suffering. It has become very important for him and the team, with the “reds” even uploading a video to their official twitter account for this development. In fact, it will be decided in the coming period whether Milutinov is able to enter the Olympiacos mission for the team’s next games. Nikola Milutinov is ready to step… gas! After about 2.5 months the Serbian center made today (02/04) its first team practice and now counts in reverse for its reappearance in the parks! Happy to see you back in action Milou! — Olympiacos B.C. (@Olympiacos_BC) It is worth noting that Philip Petrusev was the only one absent from the practice of the “reds”.